Multiservice Network Solutions

Comprehensive and complex networking solutions for Enterprise and Service Providers market.


Voice Network Solutions

Advanced voice solutions for demanding networking environments and Contact Centers.


Security Network Solutions

The best of breed security solutions from the market, for all the levels of possible threats.


About us

Infratel Net is one of the leading system integrators in the Romanian market, for IP Communication, IP Security and Data Center infrastructure, along various partnerships with worldwide companies.

Infratel Net was born from the aim to support its customers, with an innovative approach to envolve and simplify their services, protect networks, data centers, services against new type of attacks, and leverage on the leading edge technologies.

Infratel Net has been created to specifically assist its clients to anticipate the consequences of these changes, while controlling their technological impacts.

Our company has a long and rich experience of working to provide support, satisfy the communication and computing needs of customers.

Since 2006, our experts found new ways to satisfy clients needs, and maintain the leading objective-associate Infratel Net’s name to the notions of progress and evolution.

Why Choose Us?

We Listen. As business partners, we know how to listen, analyze and the deliver the right solution.

ExperienceThe knowledge of our staff of the highest level, the achieved experience over more than seven years, are making long-term difference in a competitive environment.

Creative & Technical. We are focused on innovative solutions and services. We create tailored service package for each partner for every project the partner has, leading to unique challenges every time.

Passionate. We love nothing more that working on a great project with a fantastic client. As each partner is unique, we like to say that so are we.